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Core Values

Integrity- The foundation of Tri-Con, Inc. is relationship with our various clients that have been served for the past thirty years is openness and honesty which, combined, form integrity. This value permeates discussions, planning, costing, and the construction process and establishes a relationship of trust between the client and Tri-Con, Inc.

Quality- The best evidence of superior quality in the construction industry is a satisfied client. Having satisfied clients results in repeat business, and Tri-Con, Inc. has an impressive record of building second (or more) projects for clients that return with additional building development needs. The quality of the future of Tri-Con, Inc. is based upon the quality of the product that is delivered to the customer.

Cost Effectiveness- It is important to the Tri-Con, Inc. team not only to do quality work, but also to do so at a reasonable cost. The facility development industry is a highly competitive one, and it is only cost-efficient companies who are able to survive and prosper. Our highly competitive pricing is largely responsible for creating the new opportunities needed for the continued growth and vitality of Tri-Con, Inc.

Timeliness- The timely completion of a construction project is of crucial importance to the customers of Tri-Con, Inc. To customers, everyday wasted in construction is lost opportunity. Tri-Con, Inc. has a solid reputation for finishing work on time- with good reason; Tri-Con, Inc. has never incurred a penalty for late completion though many contracts are entered into with stringent penalty/bonus clauses. The Tri-Con, Inc. team never forgets that time is money, and the record of “on-time-completion” is the backbone of this corporation.

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Core Values