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Design Build Services:

TRI-CON Inc. provides complete design-build services. Our team works with a client, starting with a design concept and sees the project through to the completion of construction.

During the past decade the use and interest in design-build has greatly accelerated. With design-build, the owner is able to focus on scope, project needs, and timely decision-making, rather than on coordination between the designer and builder. TRI-CON, Inc. provides drafting services, practical construction experience, value-engineering and up-to-date construction techniques. We work with a network of design professionals and will assemble a team to complete the project design and construction documents.

Some of the benefits the design-build approach offers the owner are:

  • Single total project responsibility-Since both the design and construction are in the hands of a single entity there is only one company with accountability to the client.
  • Quality-The “single responsibility” in design-build serves as a motivation for quality project performance. The owner's requirements and expectations are documented in performance terms and it is the design-build entity's responsibility to produce the results accordingly. TRI-CON, Inc. has a strong reputation for completing projects that meet the client’s expectations.
  • Cost savings-Design and construction personnel, working and communicating as a team, evaluate alternative materials and methods efficiently and accurately resulting in overall project cost savings to the client.
  • Firm costs are established earlier-Construction costs are known earlier in design-build projects than in other construction delivery systems. The entity responsible for design is simultaneously estimating construction costs and can accurately conceptualize the completed project. Staged contracting for design-build services affords the owner one or more "go/no-go" decision points during design. The decision to proceed with the project is made before substantial design expenditure and with firm knowledge of the final cost.
  • Time savings-Since design and construction generally overlap, and since bidding periods and redesign generally are eliminated, total design and construction time can be significantly reduced. Thus, design-build is ideal for "fast track" construction techniques.
  • Improved risk management-Change orders due to "errors and omissions" are virtually eliminated because the design-builder has responsibility for developing drawings and specifications as well as constructing a fully-functioning facility.

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